Bad Ting [Mad World]

Song Lyrics

All around me you cannot beleive it
All di gyal dem Bad (baaddd)
To the left to the right and the centre
All di gyal dem Bad (baaddd)
Do di Bad Ting X5
All di gyal dem Bad (baaddd)

look i be rappin' to be ridin'
bugattis till its tomorrow
t-jay come up with a flow
and let these other niggas borrow
thee other niggas hatin'
shoot em all like takin' photos
im so legal with my verses
im only talkin' pro bono
coz im rhymin' on these niggas
now i got em scared like scooby
swim in deep waters
stunt double like a dolphin
niggas all be trrippin' t-jay
always got the game plan
u aint understand?
probably get yourself an implant
talkin' to these dummies
t-jay baby they still love me
get em on they tummies
like babies aint got no mummies
she mumble like a jumbo-jet
i hit it like a rhino
she twerk me like a pole
she the typa girl that i know

(Verse 2)

i tell her move it to the left, she move it to the right
she drop it to the floor, she doin' a full split
head off to the club gettin' high like her heels
take a couple shots, then she give me brain
t-jay rap n trap every body know that im hot
flow be sicker than a drug im the man u gon prescribe
take it to the head im her da vinci she the code
paint a perfect Mona Lisa keep a smile on you forever
i got the high grade, leader of tha new skul
No Caribbean girl, but she do the dirty whine
this girl a A plus, but im always givin' D
coz her friends bad girls Iggy none a mediocre
Sarkodie Bankie she whine pon di ting
pretty little gyall booty bounce like a spring
everywhere me go pretty gyall ah me see
so we daggerin', dem gyal lovin' we. legghooo

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