Broken English - Gravity Omutujju

Broken English

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Broken English Lyrics

[Intro]Hello Gravity am your funI love your Music "kyakabi"But I have a question for youWhen is your Birthday? "Today"Ok Happy Birthday "me too"(Chorus X2)Bawooza biki ebyo? (Broken English)Mbu Tamanyi Luzungu (Broken English)Galo Bwemuyiita Boyii (Broken English)Omutuuju siri muzungu (Broken English)[Verse 1]Yo!Ladies under Gentlemen I am comeBack on za beat with NesimuuGravity Omutujju always nameCountry me I am Uganda fromEnglish don’t joke me I am formClassroom every day present I amTeacher beat me I’m sleep in DomuSchool people laugh me now pay performMy younger faza teach me work farmStrongo bro on soil I am FirmAm not for every day different I amNot yam but bigger than big drumSeparate me from others brazaAm baptize you! Like FazaAnd teach you zat table ye mezza.Am having luck nga bathing olweeza(Chorus X2)[Verse 2]Before I undress the congressAm representing my country highnessWhen you beat on my phone I’m happinessSo follow me bulaaya to eat ChristmasWhen am reach on Entebbe of country disAll people look me nga T.V in faceYou make me excitement and curiousBecause my life is not in dangerousSecurity gulu gulu and very seriousCamera look you very surveillanceI add you O’clock for press conferenceThey asking me to song in EnglishBut I am here meet him ExcellenceMuseveni of your country no nonsenseYou people tired understanding is absenceSee you tomorrow go to bed Rest In Peace!!Chorus X2Verse 3My music is population out Uganda.Please don’t temptation me youMy English past Makerere for youWaiting for adding ceremony of youWhy do you laugh me, owange do you know meDjs play my song, to happy youToday is old day, God Sanka youAm speak the true, am not lie youYou made her stomach, stomach ain’t you?You took her virginity, virginity ain’t you?You killed her future, future kill ain’t you?Why you do dis, who telled youOluzungu kyekirwadde ekimalawo ensiyaffeKiswazizza bangi nebatuuka okuba abalabe baffeNange kyanjawukanya ne chali wange nfa nfeDonkey bweyajjiyiita eziikeNembwatuuka katte nfeChorus X2
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