You are The One

Song Lyrics

Tongues [Isaac & Segmento]

Verse [Segmento]
I am left with nothing but to worship You
You alone my God
I am left with nothing, I leave for nothing
But to worship You
I have tried to reason oh You frustrate my wisdom
With the wonders of Your hands
You are the only one

Chorus [Isaac]
You are the one that I desire You are the one I need to see
You are the Lord the way maker
[Segmento: You are my way maker]
You are the one we look up to You are the one who leads the way
You are the one who heals within
[Segmento: You are my healer]

Verse [Isaac]
When I stumble and fall, You are the rock of ages
Ancient of days
Deep down in a pit Your hands are long to reach me

You’re my father
You are the stream that flows to wash my sins away
You are the blood that sheds by Your stripes I am healed
Nails in Your legs for me You are the stream that flows
By Your stripes I am healed You the Lord I know


Hook [Val K]
My life is on a ledge without You
And all my hope is gone, I wait upon You
You seem to be so far away from
I need to feel Your breathe of life in me
You are the one X2

Chorus X3

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