Muhuliire - Ruyonga


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Muhuliire Lyrics

[Verse 1]Ugandan ambassador, the new spokesman for AfricaFuture international black figure, sorrow dipped in oil call a rap slickerYeah am saved now, Christ is my ad libberYet am still hard to serve than a bad tipBut my singles make them see double as I stack tripleTill am known to pull a hat-trick but we could inject tripBut Ru, first born of Kamatega, her and Karamagi thus the son of KabalegaWe used to wild out, now days twatereraThey say I got competitors, where? tinabareebaI keep it moving no commotion and even with my global accent, am still getting locomotionWhile others are causing friction or corrosion,I guess am rubbing off on them quicker than cocoa lotion[Chorus X2](Eh)Mwahurira?(Y’all don’t hear me, What?)Muhuliire?(Y’all don’t hear me, Chi Chi?)MweTegerise?Y’all don’t hear me (Nah), but you will though[Verse 2]Yes! UG representative, made competition lose sleep on SedativesI must be the fat lady’s conductor, coz this lyrical orchestra isn’t over till I’ve said it isYo! Is that Ru? You bet it is, live in the flesh, the legend leavesThe main event, you can clap for me, Coz everyone seems to have their own version of my back storyIt’s like they tryna make me larger than lifeBut ain’t a background that can make me larger than ChristAin’t a current sin that exists bigger than forgivenessWe fall and get back up, it's all part of the witnessThey trynato tailor make me to fit their packagingBut am covered in the blood bring your hardest pathogensYou can send me around the world bring me back again, I still be repping 2 5 so East African[Chorus X2][Verse 3]Kyali, ndi mu biito, boojo tetulibatito, tulibakooto,twaruga taka munsi ya mafuta,That’s rich soil honey and everyone is waiting to cash in on that oil moneyOne love all the way from Kampala, to up country with all of my Banyakitara,Where they double up shillings to trade in for a dollarAnd if you aint putting in a word, you aint get naraSo holla, wake up and smell the coffee beans, First we score then we kick a different kinda soccer teamAm from where we hit a flat dope bread of roll eggs in it,Watch how we reinvented the RolexYeah am done with the liquor and draw yet I still throw it up for my dogs like “go fetch”Courtesy of yours truly perking ears upWhile our genress beats keep banging in your ear drum like…[Chorus X4]
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