Don't Stop

Song Lyrics

Just come open and do it oohhh( do it nonstop)
Yeeye (GBOYness) t.o.n yee

Verse One
I met this gyal from Uganda
She make to wonder.. ..made me lose my mind
Engeri gyozin'ondalula.... Everything she gat ali ngo'munyarwanda
From a nice body to a good dental and a bad mental aye..
From a good dental and a bad mental(yeye)

I say sexy mirosa.. I know she eighteen and over
Come ride in ma Rover...
Sexy mirosa.. I know she eighteen and over .. Come ride in my Rover

I luv the way you move.. Dance to the groove.
Nze ndaga'mazina gwo
I luv the way you groove do it nonstop ye
Gwe kikole nonstop
Don't stop don't stop
Do it nonstop ye nze ndagamazina gwo
Dont stop nonstop do it non stop yeh
Gwe kikole nonstop..

Verse two:
Akikuba original tanywa warafgi
Takola biyaaye bimulwaza allergy..
When them come closer ngababamba
She tell em say bitch don't mill my vibe
She a dancefloor queen African queen.. She making me flow like a river

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