Song Lyrics

VERSE (naika)
Many faces many voices, indecisive where to head
I've been wanting this for ages, but keep running all my life
And tonight my body is calling ,but only yours is appealing
You can talk to me baby give me your love on a daily

BRIDGE (naika)
Let me hold you nivuke nawe hadi kunyemwezi
Let me love you Kama niwewe peke duniani Beibe

CHORUS (naika)
Heya gyal with your big berahudah
You gat a bad man turned on
No body a fi know when you give it up
Oh my sweet Angelina (Angelina) x2

Many break ups but we make up
Hate the fact I love you so
You're my shelter when it's weary
Never leave by myself
Kati sembera vamu kwepena
Mpa kukabugumu vamu kwekoza
Gwe jaw'ekyeejo (ohhhh)
Bwobulawo ntabuka.. Ntabuka x3
Bwokomawo mwenya..mwenya x3


VERSE (8th wonder)
Hollup girl I said slow down girl Have sumn like a rain drop
You're the car am the engine The crown coz am kinging
The bullet am the gun and together we be winning
Coz beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder Behold your beauty girl makes me wana hold ya
Ain't no wenger Yah I gat a trophy I won
Am talking you you the future

(naika and 8th Wonder)
Oh sisisisi beibe (show me bad gyal teaser) oh sisisisi beibe (I be ur bad man teaser)
Mi want a hug Angelina u de
Mi want a kiss Angelina u de
Mi want a peck Angelina u de
With you Angelina with you
Angelina x2 sing and dance with me Angelina
Angelina Ama love you till the end of time Angelina beibe


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