Ahh Ahh Ahh

Song Lyrics

[Verse 1]

I get a funny feeling when am forced to deal with middlemen
Wait for me fly you're being senior citizen,
Uganda life’s real yeah am swerving on the rail
With too bad bars and high heels and miniskirts (fly)
Past Kabalaga on Gabba headed to Deuces
Champagne flowing like water go ahead and order (nothing)
Dressed in Versace these haters they can’t stop me
Mad coz when I pull up the Rolly his shawty watch me,
Kampala am a Capone
Already blew 1000 a day what can you say? (Nothing)
The club is on Smash, UG girls got bodies
Fuck a Buggatti, I woke up in a new punani
So where the whole club last night was made real
Hangover, headaches, water and aviels
Lean with it rock with it lean with it
Lean with it rock with it pockets gat 20 stacks


I see di time or they flashing on the bling bling bling
I’ve been proposed too but never took the ring ring
VIP sitting will be treated like the kings ahh ahh ahh
In every way see mi champagne the bottle pops
Haters hating but they forced to give it props
He make his music so they can hear the tops ahh ahh ahh

[Verse 2]

Back to downtown from Owino up to Kololo
Catch me out Simba Casino spending pesa
Solo, gambling and scrambling for paper
Balling like the Lakers am Kobe you cannot control me
So rock on ice, wrist on ice
You only live once nigga this is my life
Fresher than a shower, money and the power
Used to struggle, used to hustle, now it’s bottles by the hour
Dedication, hard work, integrity and loyalty success soon come
Hope the money doesn’t spoil me
Addicted to the cash, fainted for the dollars
Deuces Entertainment Young hustlers discarded
Supermodels by the dozen
You’re really aint nothing
Be careful who you touch
I put ya body in the ocean
Beef is like lasagne it comes in many layers,
The game never changes hommie only the players


[Verse 3]

Black boy stunting hard with all his cars foreign
Had the white on the grill
I felt like George Foreman, fourth quarter I was Jordan
My whole team scoring
Called papi made a purchase early every three mornings
Jay gave me props but it didn’t mean much
I was still out the next night selling my stuff
Waiting on a deal and I aint talk of records
Platinum make a mill
I was trapped before raping
Duffle bag boy blue jeans and white Ts
Like the Tower of Pisa, my chopper make you lean
Don’t believe me ask God I went hard
Worldwide famous, pictures with the stars
Did the Hammers and the summers,
Crashed a few Benzes
Lost a few friends got back a few Exs
None of y’all rappers did it like me
First day out of jail was in an SUV


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