Kenyan group Sauti Sol Splits

Posted: 2021-10-11T18:04:15Z
Kenyan group Sauti Sol Splits

Renowned Kenyan group, Sauti Sol confirmed their imminent break up in a press release circulated on their social media platforms.

The group leader Peter Marangi explained that artistic differences forced the members to go separate ways.

The members will start solo careers immediately after the group finalizes their tour in the states.

“This tour is the beginning of our journey being “Alone-Together.” It is a wonderful journey in which we are self-actualizing by showcasing our strengths and characters as the artists who came together to form Sauti Sol.

“Alone-Together” is the mantra we formed to define the unique next chapter as brothers. It ties with our natural progression of self-growth, while still being a single unit. The journey is a 4-part musical and visual art series for you and the world with the hope it enlightens you to who we are; 4 phenomenal parts that make 1 iconic whole.”

“Alone-Together” is a child of the pandemic. The result of deep reflections that we experienced as individuals and as a group. Leading us to craft the ultimate expansion of our musical and artistic legacies. Thus, each of us shall enter into our alone phase with a single release by December 2021. This shall closely be followed by releases of full projects whose dates shall be announced in due time," the statement read.

As a group, they will release their next project together in May 2022.

In 2006, the group launched their first album which was a sensational hit, topping the East African charts and at one point had 4 singles in the top 10.