Here’s How You Can Make Money on Yellow Card

Posted: 2021-09-14T09:42:52Z
Here’s How You Can Make Money on Yellow Card

Trading crypto currencies is one way to diversify your sources of income and investments. Yellow Card offers its users an opportunity to earn an extra buck as we all strive to reach financial independence and inclusion.

To make money using the Yellow Card wallet, you should first be a registered user of the service through their mobile App  or the Web based Wallet.

The process is very easy and fast and only takes less than a minute.

When signing up, you will be required to provide your name, email address, and phone number and voila, you are good to go. With the many payment methods that Yellow Card employs, you can fund your account through mobile money, bank transfer or even over the counter (OTC). Now, you can start trading bitcoin to earn, you can also trade bitcoin against the Ugandan shilling.

The other way to make money from Yellow Card is through referrals. This is no ponzi scheme - all you have to do is share your referral code that is generated from the Yellow Card platform and share it with family and friends. When anyone uses your referral code, you earn a 20% commission of the fees charged from all their transactions.

What makes all this easier is the ease of withdrawal. When you are ready to withdraw your earnings, the process is equally simple - go to your wallet and click withdraw then stipulate how much you want to withdraw in Uganda shillings and it will be sent to your bank account or your mobile money account INSTANTLY.

Yellow Card Financial is an American Financial Technology (FinTech) startup focused on building a new financial infrastructure for the African continent. To pursue its ambitious goals the company recently raised $1.5 million from the Celo Ecosystem fund, an initiative of the Celo and Andreessen Horowitz, a prominent Silicon Valley venture capital fund.

Now is the time for you to earn some extra income, even as you sleep.