Comedian Pablo Narrates Hilarious Moment He Almost Quit Comedy 

Posted: 2021-04-07T22:13:17Z Read: 956 times
Comedian Pablo Narrates Hilarious Moment He Almost Quit Comedy 

Pablo Kimuli is one of the funniest comedians we have in Uganda. He celebrated 15 years in the comedy industry in 2018. Pablo would have, however, not made it this far in the industry had he listened to a voice that told him to quit following a disappointing performance in South Sudan.

Recently, Pablo revealed how he almost gave up on his career when he found a hard time making people laugh in South Sudan.

“ When I traveled there, I did not know that those people had gone to my Youtube channel and watched everything. I think they crammed and even took notes.

On stage, I wanted to be relevant so I started researching for content about them; Rieck Machar, Salva Kiir. On stage, I cracked the first joke, they didn’t laugh, the second joke, they laughed in installments yet those were hot jokes. When my time was up. I said thank you and one guy got up and said there are some jokes you have left out,” Pablo narrated.

The guy recited his jokes from YouTube which prompted the audience to start requesting jokes and he had to start over, by the commands of the audience.

The audience only laughed at jokes they had seen before on YouTube.