I Regret Abusing Drugs — Qute Kaye  

Posted: 2021-04-06T20:03:48Z Read: 1,455 times
I Regret Abusing Drugs — Qute Kaye  

Faded singer Qute Kaye has been living a messed life for years. 

He was once a promising singer destined for greatness, but that is all old news.  

Talking about his lost dreams and glory, Qute Kaye says he is full of regrets.

He blames himself for messing up his own life.  In an interview, Qute revealed that drug addiction destroyed his career and all his plans he had for his life.

 He is, however, hopeful that he can re-build despite the time lost.

 “The thing that made me quit drugs and organize myself is believing in myself. I talked with myself, I now understand my potential. I was going to be a great artist, but I messed up everything, it hurts,” Qute Kaye explains.

Qute Kaye says he is now working hard to sensitize young people not to use and abuse drugs. He has started a foundation named, Another Chance.