Justine Namere Advises Diana Nabatanzi To Make Own Money

Posted: 2021-03-01T20:05:12Z Read: 2,368 times
Justine Namere Advises Diana Nabatanzi To Make Own Money

Former TV presenter Justine Namere likes to poke her nose where there’s controversy.

In a new social post, she has weighed in on the relationship between tycoon Lwasa and TV Diana Nabatanzi. The Masaka loaded businessman dumped the TV star in favor of another woman who introduced him over the weekend in Luwero. 

Talking about their relationship, Lwasa said  Diana was a bad lover. He also mentioned that despite buying a car and paying rent for her, she couldn't marry him.

Justine Namere has advised Nabatanzi and other ladies to work hard for their own money.

She posted, “Ladies do not allow yo selves to get trashed by old men mbu simply because he bought you a car, bla bla business, house rent! No dears, toil for yo money and love for love, do not confuse the two! And you old men who give yo small tokens and monies to girls and harass them by announcing for the entire republic of Ug, bambi mweddeko!”