Geosteady-Prima fight is a stunt - Close Pals

Posted: 2020-09-13T21:12:51Z Read: 1,682 times
Geosteady-Prima fight is a stunt - Close Pals

Singer Geosteady's  wife,  Prima Kardash took to social media days ago to  narrate how the singer broke into her apartment and destroyed property worth millions.

In a clip that circulated, she said, "You came to my apartment and destroyed everything, you broke in and destroyed everything I own despite me staying away from the news".

She went to say, "I have tried so much to be a good wife but it seems like you don’t want peace, I left your house and rented somewhere else because I didn’t want to fight with you, I am a good mother and I take care of our kids but you take me for granted"

Talking to a close friend, she described it as a stunt intended to promote Geosteady’s “George The Great” album that he is set to release this week.

Our efforts to get a comment from either party were futile as they declined to make a comment about the alleged fight.