Cindy Is A Sweet Soul — Phina Mugerwa

Posted: 2019-12-02T06:22:45Z Read: 2,364 times
Cindy Is A Sweet Soul — Phina Mugerwa

Phina Mugerwa was once at war with Cindy over a man. The two have a history of dating Ken Muyisa.

Muyisa dumped Phina for Cindy, and for a long time, the two women did not see eye to eye yet they met at music shows.

Cindy later broke up with Muyisa and it seems the break up connected the two women.

Phina says they put the beef aside.

“We now talk. Recently when I lost my relative, Cindy is the only person who called to offer condolences. She is a sweet soul,” emotional Phina said.