Profile: New Music Trio MGT Emerges

Posted: 2019-11-07T07:00:09Z Read: 2,761 times
Profile: New Music Trio MGT Emerges

MGT Africa is an Urban music trio comprised of three acts ; Mad Marx from Uganda, Officer Haywire from Nigeria and Young A.K Flippa from kenya. 

Their type of music focuses mostly on the Urban sounds/melodies coupled with unique African styles.

MGT Africa can do genres like Trap, Hiphop , Reggae , Pop and Afrobeat all depicting their everyday life experiences.

MGT Africa are almost finishing up with their '20 track' debut album set for release in December this year. 

The 'Good time' album is a compilation of songs of motivation, African culture. It has well executed lyrical content and party vibes.

It is produced by FireOneSAM , a super talented Kenyan Producer/Sound Engineer at True Line Studios , Africa. 

Music lovers should brace themselves for a new wave of great music to inspire a lot of generations ahead.

It's a song that emphasizes the value of being happy and thankful for whatever you have achieved. 

 'Goodtime' is officially out on all platforms . 

The visuals were directed by Eddy K of Game Concepts and edited by the talented Makaka THE KRITIC.