Gorgeous Sheila Nduhukire slams Timothy Kalyegira 

Posted: 2019-10-08T09:04:21Z Read: 2,921 times
Gorgeous Sheila Nduhukire slams Timothy Kalyegira 

Former NTV news anchor, Sheila Nduhukire is not happy with Timothy Kalyegira, a senior journalist in Uganda.

Following the announcement of Ezekiel and Esther as EAGT winners 2019, Timothy took to his Twitter to ask, “Do you deserve to win a talent show by singing established pop songs (in effect Karaoke), or if you've got talent you demonstrate that by composing and singing original songs? Just a Monday morning thought.”

The tweet suggestively undermined Ezekiel and Esther’s success. He got pilloried by many people, but most notably Sheila Nduhukire.

“Hi Tim, until you design and make your own camera, can you stop harping on about how you’re the best photographer South of the Sahara?”, she tweeted.