Fresh Daddy To Remix ‘Maziike’ Single With Bebe Cool

Posted: 2019-08-13T21:12:34Z Read: 3,097 times
Fresh Daddy To Remix ‘Maziike’ Single With Bebe Cool

When upcoming singer Fresh Daddy was being criticized by a section of public for stepping on his son's shine, Bebe Cool came out to defend him. Bebe Cool said Fresh Kid's dad was trying to support his family through singing.

Bebe Cool also understood his situation after he was pelted with bottles by fans while on stage at Aero beach in Entebbe.

The latest is that the two will hit studio soon to record a remix for "Maziike".

It seems Bebe Cool is determined to push Fresh Daddy in the industry.

Fresh Daddy posted a photo with Bebe Cool on social media captioned, “Are you ready for Maziike remix with Bebe Cool?”

Bebe Cool is yet to confirm if the collabo will happen.