Aged MC Kats Hints On Retiring

Posted: 2019-08-12T06:59:15Z Read: 2,720 times
Aged MC Kats Hints On Retiring

Nbs presenter Katamba Edwin alias Mc Kats has been part of the entertainment industry for close to 15 years.

From scratch, he has gone on to become one of the biggest mcees in the country.

But just like they say, even the best dancer leaves the dance floor, Mc Kats is set to quit Mceeing.

During an interview with Nbs Uncut show, the Nbs After 5 show host said he will retire in a few years to come. He wants to start a consultancy firm.

 “I want to leave After 5 and emceeing but keep with the production team. I want to be a consultant. I will be able to guide young Mcs. That is why I am doing different things. I want to retire in a few years,” Mc Kats said during the interview.

Mc Kats added,"I have been here for 15 years. I want other people to take charge. Very many young people are talented but there is no space. So I will leave so that they can get an opportunity."

Mc Kat’s started as a curtain raiser Mcee at Lido beach in Entebbe under the watch of Galaxy FM’s Mr. Mosh and Dj Micheal.