Battle: Winnie Nwagi Vs Rema, Who Is Better?

Posted: 2019-04-03T08:01:02Z
Battle: Winnie Nwagi Vs Rema, Who Is Better?

Body goals 

Winnie Nwagi is naturally endowed with curves. She knows it, and she flaunts them in skimpy outfits. On the other hand, Rema  is fairly shaped. She has thick thighs and they are often  covered.  

Nwagi 90% and Rema 10%


She is one of the best female vocalists. Her voice tickles the minds of many as she hits those high notes effortlessly.  And she is the reason why most 'mizigo' women think they can sing too. Winnie Nwagi won Coca Cola rated next 2015, a singing competition. She is vocally blessed.

Rema 55% while Nwagia scores 45% 

Marriage material

Rema is a true muganda who was raised by Ssenga Halima Namakula.  She is the type that will mute all her ears from rumour mongers and focus on her marriage. Amidst all Kenzo's dick hawking games, Rema has stayed and focused on her relationship. Few years ago,  Winnie Nwagi had a fight with her then boyfriend, Czar but it was all over social media. She lamented how she was done with a broke reggae singer.

Rema 95% and Winnie Nwagi 5 %

Public appeal 

Winnie Nwagi might have a curvy body that leaves men pocketing  but Rema Namakula is a darling to many.  She has minted a lot of money from introduction and wedding ceremonies.

Rema 80% while Winnie Nwagi hits 20%

Queen's language

Both artistes speak with a lot of sexiness but Swangz Avenue's Winnie Nwagi has issues speaking the Queen's language nonstop.  Rema is very confident at speaking the Queen's language .

Rema 90% while Winnie Nwagi scores 10%