Arsene Wenger Face Forced Resignation From Arsenal Fans.

Posted: 2014-11-24T02:01:34Z Read: 3,482 times

Arsene Wenger may be forced to resign as Arsenal's manager with the fans backed by Piers Morgan, took to social media in discussions over the possible replacement of the Frenchman’s reign.

Arsenal's 2-1 defeat at Emirates on Saturday was the latest evidence to the fans that Wenger is the wrong man to lead the club and it is now only a matter of time before the decision is taken, #WengerOut.


Should he resign freely before the end of the season, which appears unlikely, Arsenal may put Steve Bould in temporary charge. Ex-Arsenal defender Bould, who made 372 appearances, spent 11th year of working with the club's academy set-up.

The Borussia Dortmund's Jürgen Klopp and Diego Simeone of Atlético Madrid will all be discussed as the next potential permanent Arsenal manager.

piersPiers Morgan

In an interview with Arsenal Fan TV he said: "We won one trophy in ten years and we were the Invincibles, it's just not good enough.

"You can be patient with somebody for three or four seasons maximum, but after that I just felt that tactically Wenger was shockingly naive compared to how he used to be.

"I didn't like the players he was buying, I thought he was buying second tier players and then he was selling our best players to rivals.

"To me when he sold van Persie to United and they won the league that was an absolute sackable offence.

"How could a manager do that?

"I don't care what he would argue, I don't give a damn, rot him on the reserve bench I don't care, you don't give him to United.

"Do you think if he called up Alex Ferguson and said 'hey I want Wayne Rooney' how long would've that conversation lasted?

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