Golola Knocks Out Tanzania’s Shija In The First Round

Posted: 2014-11-15T09:37:45Z

Golola Moses of Uganda beat Tanzanian kick-boxing champion Emmanuel Shija in the first round of the East and Central African kickboxing title bout at Crested Crane Hotel in Jinja on Friday night.

“Like I promised, I kicked Shija and he started begging for mercy,” Golola said in his usual braggadocio style.

“I suffered a muscle strain which forced me out, but I want a rematch in the near future,” Shija said.

Golola who suffered a defeat to American Richard Abraham in September said all the losses he suffered were in the Old Testament and he had started a new chapter in his New Testament.


Golola, “the only man who can carry a tractor with one hand” camped in Mabira Forest to train for the fight. He said he had been training with trees, jumping with monkeys and running faster than lions in the forest.

Credits to Matooke Republic