Fortebet Opens 2020 With Mayuge, Bugiri, Iganga Clients In Style

Posted: 2019-12-31T18:20:37Z Read: 2,537 times
Fortebet Opens 2020 With Mayuge, Bugiri, Iganga Clients In Style

Thank you and bye-bye to 2019, welcome 2020! It was a joyful moment as Fortebet punters (customers) from Mayuge, Namayingo, Bugiri and Iganga crossed from 2019 to the New Year 2020.

Just like it has done all year round, Fortebet visited the above mentioned places on the eve of the New Year’s Day and rewarded its punters, as a way of appreciating and giving back to them.

Punters got various gifts ranging from Fortebet pens, wristbands, caps, T-shirts and team jerseys of the top European teams, but most of all the Fortebet phones. Atleast 700 punters left these branches walked away with any of the above gifts.

“Thank you everyone for making Fortebet the strongest and number one betting company all year through. I am certain that you will do the same in 2020. It is for this reason that we have to close 2019 together and enter 2020 together,” John Nanyumba, Fortebet Media manager said while speaking to the punters shortly before the gifts’ handover at Namayingo.

Also, Fortebet gave out reflector jackets to bodaboda riders in Namayingo and Bugiri.

This weekend, Fortebet will visit and reward it clients at Lugala, Masanafu and Busega. Be there, do not miss!