Fille Finally Cancels Her Concert

Posted: 2016-10-20T08:11:34Z
Fille Finally Cancels Her Concert

After the brutal fight between celebrity couple Mc Kats and Fille that left midget television star wounded creating doubts on whether her November 25th show will still stand or not happen have been the latest talk.

Well, to clear the air, speaking to Galaxy Fm, Fille made it clear that her and the old management it's all done so is the show.

"I have actually canceled the show cause am not in terms with my old management," said Fille over a telephone interview. 

This was going to be her second show after last year's at centenary park based Laftaz lounge.

"The public should know that my social media is not controlled by me it's my old management in possession of the passwords am sure you all know the kind of image I have, such a thing can't be done by me" she added.

Kats and Fille welcomed a baby girl named Abbie last year and the couple had been dating for 4 gears now.