The CHAN 2016 Is Set To Kick-Off In Rwanda!!

Posted: 2016-01-16T09:09:23Z
The CHAN 2016  Is Set To Kick-Off In Rwanda!!

Rwanda ready to supervise the Championship of African Nations (CHAN 2016) as many famous teams set to join the tournament.

Uganda is also going to take part in this healthy competition, together with15 other countries as they will face in each other according to the schedule.

There are specific teams qualified for this competition start in Rwanda: Gabon, Morocco, Cote d’ Ivoire, DR Congo, Angola, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Tunisia, Nigeria, Niger, Guinea, Zimbabwe, Mali, Uganda, Zambia and the host Rwanda.

Chan 2016 opening group fixtures
Group A
16 January 2016
15:00 Rwanda  vs Ivory Coast
18:00 Gabon vs Morocco

Group B
17 January 2016
15:00 DR Congo vs Ethiopia
18:00 Angola vs Cameroon

Group C
18 January 2016
15:00 Tunisia vs Guinea
18:00 Nigeria vs Niger

Group D
19 January 2016
15:00 Zimbabwe vs Zambia
18:00 Mali vs Uganda

The tournament will kick-off on January 16, as the host Rwanda will take on Cote d’ Ivoire in the opening fixture in Group A.