Naked Goddess Kleith Kyatuhaire Fired From NTV Uganda!

Posted: 2015-12-18T13:23:18Z
Naked Goddess Kleith Kyatuhaire Fired From NTV Uganda!

At NTV, when you engage in nude activities, you're fired and this is exactly what happened to Fabiola and the same has happened to Kleith according to highly placed sources!

The latest info obtained by our gossip bees, the troubled nude star Kleith Kyatuhaire has lost her job at NTV Uganda. An online blog, Showbiz Uganda, who have good relationship with Kleith first released the gossip before our undercover bees confirmed the rumour.

The source that is very close to Serena based TV station say the Style Projector presenter whose contract was slated to expire at the end of this year will not be renewed over her crazy behaviors of posing naked to the public.

One friend to Kleith told Howwe.Biz that Kleith was in line for a new contract however, the station is said to have opted terminate due her bad manner.

The station claims her morals have been seen as a hindrance to station’s corporate image. And as the result, Kleith has since had her station’s ID deactivated.

Kleith nude pictures were leaked to the social media a few weeks ago by a suspected jilted lover but despite her public apology, NTV Uganda management decided to part company with her.

We are yet to confirm from Kleith Kyatuhaire!