Nutty Neithan’s wife Empress Finds New Hobby In Bleaching

Posted: 2015-12-09T13:45:20Z
Nutty Neithan’s wife Empress Finds New Hobby In Bleaching

 When beauty existence off loads you or gets you down like a banshee luck, your prayers for hooking a super dude loads to dark corners. This is what’s happening to the city celebrated ‘Bakuwe kyonywa’ raga singer Nutty Neithan’s wife famously known as Lady Empress.

After failing to tame baby dady, who’s said to chew babes’ pants like pop cones, the now famous bleaching goddess who’s profoundly far miles from the known Irene Ntale is said to be making future savings for her new skin not to simply run astray before taming her man in her pants.

According to Empress’ the whole circle is perplexed by what is happening to their friend: “She has recently hooked a new look, a few months back she had a dark tone.

We are all scared of what she has docked to, when we try to ask her the secret behind her new look, all she says I ‘nze bino n’bikolera mwami wange, (I just do it for the sake of my hubby). A pal adds that she’s ready to do whatever it takes to tame her bean tormentor Nutty.

Recently met by our snoops in town, Empress’ face looks like a muzungu, while her other parts are like for a true black woman. She now joins the Ntale - Rema wagon.

Well, we hope Nutty recognizes your efforts madam and returns home with one heart.