PALLASO Exposed For Trying To Make Money Over AK 47's Death

Posted: 2015-10-30T09:53:34Z

Singer Pallaso who spearheaded the preparations for AK 47's birthday celebration that was held at Club Venom on 28th Oct. has been exposed for having greedy intensions ... as he is only trying to make money off his brother's death.

In the face of it, of all the Mayanja family members, Pallaso has been the most shocked and deeply saddened by death of their brother AK 47. Almost every week, a post or two about AK 47 appears on Pallaso's wall. These posts are either about how he misses his brother or how his death was not clear and how police needs to double investigate Jeff and the mother of AK 47's kids.

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While Pallaso's fans have repeatedly asked him to stop with the whole AK 47 obsession, fashion designer Kim Swagga has finally brought the truth to light and in one post, he has exposed Pallaso's evil motives and the conspiracies behind the latter's obsession with AK 47's death.

Apparently, Pallaso had never attended AK 47's birthday when he was still ALIVE and certainly didn't care ... but surprisingly, he organized a birthday celebration after his death.

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We're being told the event made the "Twatoba" singer some big money since 'the pitiful' AK 47 fans attended in big numbers ... BUT ... none of his plans include giving some of that money to AK 47's wife, Nalongo Margaret, and the three children.

Kim Swagga, who says his inbox has been constellated with messages of people asking why he did not attend the show, further says Pallaso did not even attend AK 47's last birthday celebration before his death ... and acknowledges Sam Mukasa, Abryanz and Vivian Bahati for organizing AK's last birthday party.

Kim exposes the hypocrisy behind Pallaso's motive as irrational and a tool to make him money and keep him relevant in the music industry. He also asks that such people with selfish minds should let the boy's soul rest in peace.

Omg! My inbox is on fire on y I missed the so called Ak47z birthday so sorry for who ever organized and attended this bash or party it long as I knw non of u has ever organised a party, dinner or birthday bash for the late Ak47 all his life he lived.i wonder y u shud do this now tht he is gone.did u even cut cake?If yes how old is he now?as he grown older than he was?pliz respect my fallen brother I knw he is not happy with who ever was part of this showbiz birthday of a fallen LIFE. I salute the below mentioned people who organised and surprised the late brother with the last birthday he celebrited b4 he died.
VIVIAN BAHATI. and who ever attended tht bash, am sorry if I hurt anyone but we shud be asking our brother Ak to prepare a warm welcome for us coz he has passed tht stage we r about to go thru.ruther than popping champagne in the name of celebrating his birthday.

What do you think about Pallaso's obsession with AK 47's death?