Tyga Reportedly Mad At Girlfriend for Comparing Him to Drake

Posted: 2015-09-29T22:34:15Z

Following reports of Tyga’s girlfireind Kylie Jenner comparing him to Drake, The latest according to HollywoodLife indicates that the 18-year-old teen queen compared boyfriend to Drake because of the success of their mix tapes.

"When Drake dropped If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late, it caught everybody by surprise and it was the most-talked about tape for a week after that. Drake had killer tracks on the mix and Kylie knew every word to ‘Know Yourself’ the day after it dropped. Kylie just wants Tyga to be on and poppin’ like Drake, and sitting on top of the game. That’s why she made the comparison — to put a fire under his ass, and make him hit the studio harder," the source said.

Unfortunately for Kylie, Tyga did not enjoy being compared to his rival and former record label mate. "He got extremely offended and heated,” a source tells HollywoodLife about Kylie's comparison.

"He said, 'Bae, how dare you compare me to that meathead, Drake!' That’s f–ked up. You don’t know nothing about rap,'" adds the source.

Perhaps realizing how much her words had hurt him, though, Kylie remained levelheaded following his comments. “Kylie didn’t take offense to it,” said the source. “All she said was, ‘You’re right,’ and ‘I was just trying to motivate you.’”

If given time do you think Tyga will be as good as Drake?