Comedian Kapere Photo Kissing A Video Vixen Shocks Nation

Posted: 2015-09-21T14:21:32Z

Few months ago comedian Kapere was in trouble with his wife who claimed that Kapere had no love towards her!

The wife claimed Kapere was beating her day and night, which saw her get a miscarriage. That story aside!

Kapere seems to be showing love to other women, as photo of him with a video vixen smooching leaked on the web!

Kapere who is featuring in yet unknown video is making people murmur on social media saying: ‘how a girl can allow Kapere kiss her’! In the photo, he is seen in love with a video vixen painting Nateete red with the steamy romance.

Meanwhile, we are not sure how the wife will take this moment of Kapere’s intensified the PDA.