I would love to be bonked by Trey Songz – UBC's Lynda Ddane

Posted: 2015-09-14T14:02:04Z Read: 9,015 times

Lynda Uwamahoro Ddane is one of the sexiest young TV personalities whose career has never seized to thrive.

She is a co-presenter of Jam101 with Calvin D Entertainer on Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC).

Recently, she was hosted for an online blog, showbiz Uganda for an interview, but she showed the interviewer when she intimated that simply loves sex!

As a matter of fact, she confirmed that she wishes to be bonked by Trey Songz any time of the day.

Meanwhile, Lynda claims to be single…but close friends have always told us that she is always worrying close to a string of men who have her on their hit list, i.e., Maurice Kirya, Calvin the workmate and rapper The Myth. Don’t ask if they have already eaten her bearded meat, ‘coz we don’t know!