Robin Kisiti Gets Pregnant So Quickly Like Rabbits — Mc Luzze

Posted: 2015-09-12T09:08:57Z

Battle of the TV top dogs is on: Mc Luzze Andrew Anderson of WBS TV and Robin Kisti of NTV are featuring in this Social media war. Apparently one is a rabbit and another is a little boy who who is looking for fame!

Well, the on and off  Login presenter Robin Kitsi is pregnant though her pregnancy is bothering one, Mc Luzze, and he thinks…Robin loves to get pregnant every time she sleeps!  In a recent post, Luzze posted on social media, Luzze said:

‘So Robin Kisiti is pregnant again ehhhhhhh people can be like rabbits’

Well, this post didn’t go well with Robin who quickly fired back at the WBS presenter saying, he is a cheap fella who wants to get famous from other people’s name!

Robin further rubbishes Luzze to Garbage, saying Luzze is a little boy who has apparently hit adolescence and he is not a man to talk things for mature people.

Here is a full post:  

It’s funny how people can be desperate for fame that they actually go about it the wrong way. This young boy here Mc Luzze Andrew Anderson who i actually know is a big fan of mine because he’s one of those young people who inspire to be just like me, tried to insult me with this post. Well if he were a grown man, i would be disappointed that there are men who think like that. But since he's a lil boy i will give him some time to grow up and maybe when he does or if he does, he will probably send me a message apologizing for this post. But until then, i will leave him to you the grown people to school him. Have a great day everyone. PS: for those who feel sorry for him, please follow him coz hes after some likes and follows, then he can feel relevant.

Meanwhile, Robin Kisti gave birth in May last year (2014) to her first baby boy! And it’s nearly a year and some months now that she is pregnant again. Apparently, Robin is 6month pregnant!