Eddy Kenzo Calls For 'ONE LOVE' With Radio & Weasel

Posted: 2015-08-15T10:51:54Z

While performing his hit song "Bera Clear (Mukisa Gwo)", Eddy Kenzo mentioned Radio & Weasel as he called for people to love one another. Kenzo and the Goodlyfe boys have been beefing for a while but things seemed to have changed for the past few months.

Around Feb, the Julaina singers shared a screen shot of Eddy Kenzo performing at AFCON closing ceremony in Equatorial Guinea praising him for raising the Ugandan flag high ... in a move to show that their feud with Kenzo was finally over.

In a very respectful way, Kenzo, while performing Beera Clear, mentioned Radio & Weasel while quoting that 'hate only takes people behind'.

It's now clear, the beef between Radio & Weasel and Eddy Kenzo is extinct.

However, he did not mention Bebe Cool anywhere. It seems Kenzo doesn't care whether Bebe Cool chooses to hate or not. Any way, you wouldn't expect it to change anything with the Gagamel Boss? Would ya?!

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