Here is why BAD BLACK Needed To Pay 100M to Get Out of Jail Fast

Posted: 2015-07-03T05:57:21Z

Black was found guilty by the Anti-corruption court of embezzling sh11b from Davenshan Development Limited ... and was sentenced to 4 years behind bars.

We're told Black was bailed out by legendary singer Halima Namakula who rerportedly collected the money from Black's close pals and well wishers.

Breaking News: Bad black Released From Jail

While in prison, Black raised a complaint that her breasts were deteriorating because she was not accessing the required medical attentions for her implants. Black was told she would get bail if she raised ugx100m. Last year Nov. 19, Black failed to appear in court to complete her bail process because, according to New Vision, she did not have the money.

Bad Black claimed her breast operation costs up to US$260,000 and argued that she needed urgent medical attention as her breasts and caesarean scar require close monitoring.

Update: Bad Black Finally out of Jail ... on a 100 Million Bail

The judge agreed with Bad Black that her condition was grave because the implants in her breasts had to be removed and could only be treated abroad. 

11b is quite A LOT of money, she couldn't have spent it all ... so, don't worry, she'll be just fine!

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