Fans Ask Pallaso To Move Along With Sheebah

Posted: 2015-05-19T19:20:00Z Read: 5,419 times

It's no secret that Ugandan singer Pius Mayanja known by the stage name Pallaso is nolonger under Team No sleep. The singer declared through his social media that his relationship with the crew is cut and he will now peddle under his own TGM|BPS.

Following the little shocking revelation, fans quickly hit Pallaso's social media accounts asking him to move along with fellow singer Sheebah Karungi with whom they have closely been working since the birth of TNS.

Sheebah and Pallaso have previously worked on the giant collaboration song titled ' Go down low '- They have on various counts been referred to as a romantic couple though both insist they are just friends and music partners.

Pallaso in a recent post said he would announcing the musicians he is going to be working with under his newly formed crew. We are eager to see if Sheebah is one of those.

Nothing has been heard from Sheebah Concerning these matters but it should be noted that she is allegedly one of the reasons, among other things Jeff and Pallaso have been ( are ) at conflict.

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