VERBAL WAR: Radio & Weasel Versus Promoter Balaam Update.

Posted: 2015-05-11T07:28:19Z Read: 5,323 times

Following what emerged on Thursday when Radio and Weasel’s financial manager Labeja Lawrence was briefly arrested commit fraud of 7 million shillings meant for the duos performance in northern Uganda courtesy of Balaam and NRM’s Honorable Minister Katoto.

Trouble started three weeks ago when the crew entered a deal to perform in Gulu but never showed up.

Lawrence, the manager of the Radio and Weasel, signed for Shs 7m on their behalf, so they could perform at an event where President Yoweri Museveni was the Chief Guest.

Balaam rushed to police and report a case. Lawrence was arrested one day to the Radio and Weasel’s concert and detained at Jinja road police station.

However during the concert, Radio and Weasel couldn’t let it go without airing their grievances for Balaam:

Balaam you are a broke man who uses people to make money. You and your honorable Katoto are idiots. My friend you are trying to sabotage the show but look how successful it is. We are sorry for those sorry idiots.

Those are the words Radio said when beginning their second session of performance during their Best of Radio and Weasel concert at Africana

Meanwhile, we have learnt Balaam has vowed to teach Moze Radio a lesson that he will regret.

Balaam accuses the singer of insulting him and the Members of Parliament. This comes amidst Radio being denied entry to Festino city during the motor sprint by team Balaam where he was told off point blank never to attend any event organised, by Balaam.

Well, we can’t wait to follow this story, however, we will keep you updated.