I Want to Have 15 Children—Zex BilangiLangi

Posted: 2021-11-29T20:39:45Z
I Want to Have 15 Children—Zex BilangiLangi

Firebase artist Zex Bilangilangi is not only interested in music but also in children.

He wants to fill up this world with his offspring.  It seems he wants to compete with musician Weasel, who has the biggest number of children in the music industry.
In a new interview,  he confirmed that he wants to have at least 15 children.

The singer currently has two children but plans to have more. 

When asked whether he will have them with one woman, Zex said he has a secret plan.

His fellow musician, Pallaso, also stated that unlike his brother, Weasel, he prefers a smaller number of four, five utmost. He already has two children.