Has Zari turned to God for deliverance?

Posted: 2021-10-27T20:33:09Z
Has Zari turned to God for deliverance?

On Sunday, South African-based socialite Zari Hassan spent much of her day posting spiritual quotes on Instagram.

The mother of five says she is in a new space that is about renewal, deliverance, and redemption.

At the same time, she posted a video that explained that she had unfollowed people on social media.

“I unfollowed many people and just left my friends. I am just in a space where I feel like I am just disconnecting for a new beginning,” she said.

According to Zari’s posts,  it seems like she is slowly transitioning into a born-again Christian.

Zari, who was born a Muslim was previously married to a Christian, late Ivan Ssemwanga.