Spark TV’s Remmy Reveals How She Met Fiance

Posted: 2021-10-16T03:59:24Z
Spark TV’s Remmy Reveals How She Met Fiance

Spark TV presenter Precious Remmy recently grabbed public attention after saying yes to nkuba kyeyo boyfriend, Raymond.

Talking about their relationship on TV, Remmy disclosed that they met on an airplane during a trip overseas.

“I met him while I was going somewhere. We got talking and exchanged numbers. We continued to talk and liked each other. I got to understand that he is a very kind man, humble and respectful,” she said on Wednesday during her daily gossip show.

“He has taken care of me. He respects me the way any woman would want and we are in an exclusive relationship,” she added.

There is a section of people who have come out to criticize her choice of man, calling him a conman due to his complicated past.

It is alleged that he has a string of ex-girlfriends that are cursing him.