I Will Never Have a Wedding — Karole Kasita

Posted: 2021-10-04T19:16:53Z
I Will Never Have a Wedding — Karole Kasita

Female dancehall artiste, Karole Kasita, might be in a romantic affair but she is not positive about the prospect of going to the altar to tie the knot.

Karole Kasita says she doesn’t trust men, and because of this, she doesn’t want to introduce a man to her parents.

“I don’t really like weddings or kwanjula. There is a lot of embarrassment you suffer when the man leaves. I would rather have my man in private. What matters is the love we have for each other,” she says.

Her views are born out of a terrible heartbreak she suffered after she was dumped by her first boyfriend at the campus. She fears that all men are going to disappoint her.