More Details Emerge On Bad Black’s  Victoria University Deal

Posted: 2021-09-28T19:59:54Z
More Details Emerge On Bad Black’s  Victoria University Deal

On Monday, socialite Bad Black was unveiled as a brand ambassador for Victoria University in Kampala and it caused a public uproar.

There have been deafening voices of disapproval arguing that Bad Black doesn’t deserve the role because she is a school dropout, and her morals are decayed.

The Vice-Chancellor of Victoria University, Dr. Lawrence Muganga, has defended their decision to appoint Bad Black. 

According to Muganga, Bad Black also enrolled to study digital marketing and English.

“Bad Black's enrollment is intended to inspire single mothers to change their lives by pursuing different short courses which can change their future,”  Muganga explained to the media.

The University hopes that many mothers will be inspired by Bad Black’s new desire to improve herself and take the same route.