I can’t date my manager - Pia Pounds 

Posted: 2021-09-11T19:23:45Z
I can’t date my manager - Pia Pounds 

Musician Pia Pounds is currently enjoying the best moment of her career thanks to her hit single, “Tupaate” which gained momentum a year after release. 

She is signed under the African Bureau of Music (ABM), a music recording label run by producer Kusasira Emmanuel Sempijja a.k.a Kuseim Knots.

Rumors have been swirling around town that she exchanges fluids with her manager. The two have been inseparable. 

She has come out and refuted the allegations, putting the record straight.

 “I am not dating Kuseim. When an artist dates a manager, chances are as high as 90% that they are going to fail. There is a lot that happens behind the scenes that you do not see. There is a lot of work, especially for female artists. And we are very emotional so I can not not,” she said. 

Pia Pounds was previously linked to musician Eddy Kenzo.