Meddie Ssentongo is a bonking machine - Bad Black

Posted: 2021-09-05T19:40:49Z
Meddie Ssentongo is a bonking machine - Bad Black

Socialites Bad Black and Meddie Ssentongo dated while they were still at the helm of showbiz. They splashed money like Dubai Sheikhs before they were sent to prison to serve a four years sentence for embezzling Shs 11 billion from Daveshan Company that belonged to Bad Black’s fiance.

In a previous interview, Bad Black revealed that dating Ssentongo was accidental.

But it seems she can’t stop praising his bedroom magic.

She confessed that she has never bonked a smooth lover like Meddie.

She described him as a bonking machine that was engineered in German. 

“Meddie is the best man that I have ever slept with. He is like a machine. I am now dating another man, I always dodge him to avoid temptations,” Bad Black said. 
Bad Black is a proud and certified Kandahar vendor.