Ykee Benda Begs Sevo to Buy a Copy of his Kirabo Album 

Posted: 2021-08-16T18:54:20Z
Ykee Benda Begs Sevo to Buy a Copy of his Kirabo Album 

Musician Ykee Benda released his 'Kirabo' on  August 7 2021 and it was openly received by her fans. With songs like "Obagaina", Ykee Benda believes a copy of his album is worth of 35million from the President.

"Your Excellency @KagutaMuseveni Sir🙏🏻….I want you to buy one copy of my album #Kirabo
You told us to re-invent ourselves and 
I have set up a platform where my fans can buy music using Mobile Money.
I can’t thank them enough.
Your copy is just 35m 
Thank you in Advance Sir," he tweeted.

A section of fans was quick to remind him that during presidential elections, he declared Bobi Wine as his President yet Museveni is always online, he marked the tweet. Ykee Benda can not smell Sevo's money as he was red-flagged. 

Others advised him to double the money because that's just pocket change for the President.

A few months ago, the President urged entertainers to be innovative and finds ways to earn from online platforms.

We will keep you posted in case YKee Benda receives any feedback from the President.