Chameleone Deserves A Trillion From Government — Kabako  

Posted: 2021-08-04T18:46:05Z
Chameleone Deserves A Trillion From Government — Kabako  

Following the release of a list online containing the number of money musicians reportedly requested from the government, a lot of talks have been going on.

Many are discussing the amount indicated against each artiste. On the controversial list, Chameleone wants about Ugx  800,000,000.  In an engagement with the media, Team No Sleep (TNS) singer, Kabako declared that the legendary deserves more given his contribution to the industry.

 “Chameleone should get a trillion. 800M is not enough for him. Most of the artists deserve more, including myself, but even if they don’t add us, and they add Chameleone. Honestly speaking, he has done a lot,” Kabako explained.

Many music critics say the cash handouts given to musicians won't help the industry. 

The industry needs proper structures whereby artists can still earn even when they don't step on stage.