NBS TV Considers retaining Mc Africa of “Tupaate” fame 

Posted: 2021-08-02T20:30:29Z
NBS TV Considers retaining Mc Africa of “Tupaate” fame 

Musician Pia Pounds is over the moon due to the recent success of her hit single “Twende Tupaate” which is currently on top of the charts.

The song that was released a year ago managed to go viral after Mc Africa’s video jamming to it surfaced on social media. 

The Mbale-based hype man traveled to Kampala last week to meet Pia Pounds and luckily, he was invited to co-host NBS Katch Up. 

His performance was beyond expected and because of this, the bosses at the Naguru based TV station are considering retaining him as one of the Mcs.

Mc Africa is eagerly waiting for the chance because he has been jobless ever since the entertainment industry was closed due to Covid-19.