Pia Pounds, Eddy Kenzo reunite

Posted: 2021-08-01T19:04:02Z
Pia Pounds, Eddy Kenzo reunite

Pia Pounds became a familiar face in the Ugandan music industry after signing under Eddy Kenzo’s record label, Big Talent Entertainment. 

Reports circulated on the internet linking the two romantically but both vehemently denied the allegations. 

Throughout that period, she struggled to have her music enjoy airplay.

But her luck changed recently after her single “Tupaate”  went on top of the charts thanks to a fan known as Mc Africa whose video jamming to the song went viral. 

Over the weekend, Pia Pounds reunited with Eddy Kenzo as helped  Mc Africa to him. 

They recorded a video dancing to her hit song, “Tupaate".

This comes months after Eddy Kenzo denied ever signing Pia Pounds to Big Talent.