I Have Never Forgiven Lil Pazzo -Zahara Totto 

Posted: 2021-07-31T19:03:57Z
I Have Never Forgiven Lil Pazzo -Zahara Totto 

Three years ago, there was a rift between Lil Pazzo and Zahara Totto.

Lil Pazo called Zahara a thief. He claimed a Mzungu lifted her by the belt after she stole his wallet in some nightclub.

Pazo also said that Toto is a bumless thief who has nothing anyone can admire. He went to belittle her kids.

And it seems up to now, Zahara Totto has not yet forgiven the struggling singer. She wants him to offer her a public apology.

Zahara claims Lil Pazzo hurt me to the core, she can not feel pity for him despite his worsening condition. 

"I haven't forgiven him even in his condition. He must apologize to me publicly. How could he go on and belittle my children and family," she partly said.

Lil Pazzo is currently bedridden awaiting surgery.