I am No Longer Interested in Men - Nina Roz 

Posted: 2021-07-18T19:03:30Z
I am No Longer Interested in Men - Nina Roz 

Musician Nina Roz is no longer interested in romantic relationships, according to her latest revelations.

She is tired of men breaking her fragile heart.

She split from record producer and fellow musician, Daddy Andre months ago after he had visited her parent's home.

They declared undying love for each other but their relationship ended in tears.

"I am no longer into the relationships. I am done with men and I won't be taking questions related to love. I only entertain topics concerning music and what we are up to with my management," he explained in an interview with a local YouTuber.

It was reported Nina Roz parted ways with Daddy Andre because of her excessive use of drugs.