Mc Kats: I Revealed My HIV Status Accidentally 

Posted: 2021-07-17T19:55:00Z
Mc Kats: I Revealed My HIV Status Accidentally 

Renowned TV host Mc Kats is no longer shy to say he is HIV positive. 

In a video on his social media on Wednesday, Mc Kats revealed how he was didn’t prepare to reveal his status, but was ‘forced’ into saying what he said by Uncut’s Kayz.

According to Mc Kats, Kayz bumped into him and started interviewing with him and it was during the interview that he was pressed to reveal his status. This he says wasn’t his plan, and he is capable of suing Kayz for ‘forcing him’

“After that interview, many people actually didn’t believe it. They said I was berserk, considering what I was going through at the time,” Mc Kats said.

“I had to come back in subsequent interviews to confirm what I had said earlier. I realized then that there was no turning back. I embraced it,” he added.