Angella Katatumba: Andre Wants Me Back

Posted: 2021-07-16T19:30:09Z
Angella Katatumba: Andre Wants Me Back

It’s coming to two years since Angella Katatumba and Daddy Andre split. According to Angella, it was because Andre refused to take an HIV test.

Andre has, however, been denying any romantic feelings for Angella saying that they have never been in love.

This revelation has not sat well with Angella who says it’s crazy for Andre to deny the “obvious”

Angella says she is starting to feel like Andre is trying to her attention and they get back together.

“I can’t get back to him. I would be stupid. I know why I left so I can’t go back,” Angella said on reuniting with Andre.

Daddy Andre recently broke up with musician Nina Roz.